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E-Cigarette Industry Standard Development Summit 2017

In order to further regulate the development of the electronic cigarette industry, promote the vigorous development of the import trade of electronic cigarettes, build the standard system of electronic cigarettes at night and integrate the effective resources of the society to explore possible paths for the future electronic cigarette industry. China Electronics Chamber of Commerce has unanimously decided on December 20, 2017 held in Shenzhen, smoke ez

bringing together government guests, academics experts, upstream and downstream enterprises to discuss the development trend of the entire industry.
Meeting time: December 20, 2017 (Wednesday) 14: 00pm ~ 17: 00pm
Venue: JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen Qianhai OCT
Address: Bao'an District, Shenzhen Bao Xin Road on the 8th
Conference Organizer: China Electronic Chamber of Commerce
Organizers: China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee;

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