Beijing time on December 4, "the  

world's first screen" ---- Nasdaq large screen smoke-filled, in New York Times Square, the world's highest traffic circle, annual traffic reached 450 million passengers. Hundreds of thousands of class every day at the crossroads, VAPE's cool image has attracted the attention of personnel from all over the world.
Concise and powerful picture, recorded the United States PLYROCK Baroque electronic cigarette sales in 2017 3 million units in the milestone breakthrough. More than 500 overseas media first reported this phenomenon, and electronic cigarette once again became the focus of attention in the world. The glory of this world trendy stage not only shows the image of "healthy and stylish" electronic cigarettes, but also records the general trend of gradual rise in the sales volume of the electronic cigarette industry, confirms the trend of electronic cigarettes popularizing the public and leading the fashion circle, and more Is a symbol of the thriving e-cigarette industry.

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