British Ministry of Health: Electronic cigarettes less harmful than real smoke 95%

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In recent years, the development of electronic cigarettes by leaps and bounds, more and more users began to try to use electronic cigarettes instead of tobacco. However, at present, no clear instruction has been made by the national public health department on the development of e-cigarettes, which has led to the popularity of e-cigarettes being still at the initial stage of word of mouth and friend introduction. However, a study released by the UK Ministry of Health may change the situation, The report said: Electronic cigarettes less than the real extent of tobacco 95%.

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The study found that those containing real tobacco in e-cigarettes had few, but not completely innocuous, ingredients that were less harmful than real tobacco products. In addition, e-cigarettes are also "smokes" for smokers to quit smoking and may even have some therapeutic effect in incorporating the drug components therein. The study was initiated by PHE, a unit of the UK Ministry of Health and led by Ann McNeill, a professor at King's College London, and Peter Hajek, a professor at Queen Mary, University College London.

"E-cigarettes have the potential to change the public health industry, especially reducing the smokers themselves and being affected by secondhand smoke," said Ann McNeill, a professor.

The report said 2.6 million people currently use electronic cigarettes in the UK in order to quit smoking or prevent the continued use of traditional cigarettes, most of whom were former smokers and less than 1% were never smokers. Nearly half of the British (44.8%) still do not know the harm of e-cigarettes much less than traditional tobacco. In fact, many people still think that the harm caused by electronic cigarettes is actually the same as that of traditional cigarettes, and the proportion of people holding such erroneous views is still on the rise. From 8.1% in 2013 to 22.1% in 2015.

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"Smoking cessation services around the world should greatly promote the benefits of electronic cigarettes and ultimately allow smokers to completely quit smoking," said Kevin Fenton, head of health and welfare at PHE.

Britain will begin legislation in October this year to prohibit the purchase of e-cigarettes by citizens under the age of 18 because of the uncertainty about the effects of e-cigarettes on the long-term health of adolescents. Although e-cigarettes still need to be popularized at present, it is believed that with the continuous improvement of technology, the current situation and the problems encountered in e-cigarettes will be gradually solved.


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