Royal Institute of Internal Medicine: Electronic cigarettes can bring "tremendous health benefits"

According to a report by CNBC Finance Channel on April 28, the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) suggested that smokers wishing to quit smoking should be encouraged to redirect their cigarettes. The Institute's Smokeless Nicotine Report, released in April 2016, stated that smoking should be promoted "as widely as possible" to smokers as an alternative to tobacco, which in the long run would bring to the community "Great health benefits."

In recent years, as an emerging product, electronic cigarettes have made some progress in improving the health of smokers. Since its introduction in western countries around 2006 and 2007, e-cigarettes have been accepted by more and more consumers. According to a report released by the Association for Smoking and Health Action in May last year, about 2.6 million adults in Britain are using e-cigarettes, almost all of them smokers or former smokers, and they hope to reduce their nicotine intake this way. It is understood that the harmful effects of e-cigarettes is only 5% of traditional tobacco, for a moment can not completely quit smoking friends, to control the amount of smoking is indeed a priority to improve health.

In the case of e-cigarettes, the Royal College of Physicians said in its report that there is no evidence that such a tool would trigger a "repeat" of smoking and added that e-cigarettes are not "the gateway to smoking."




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