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Britain's largest health board in Scotland to lift the ban on e-cigarettes in hospitals

Tobacco online according to "Tobacco News" report compiled According to a BBC online report TMA reproduced, Scotland's largest health board NHS GGC has lifted the hospital's ban on e-cigarettes. The change in policy is to give patients, employees and visitors more choices in quitting smoking.


In April 2015, all health systems in Scotland were non-smoking, but 13 health boards were free to decide whether or not to allow the use of e-cigarettes. At the time, NHS Lothian was the only health board that decided to allow e-cigarettes.

Dr. Emilia Crighton, director of public health at NHS GGC, said tobacco product use is "the most common preventable cause of death in Scotland, although about a quarter of all deaths are caused by smoking." Crighton said the incidence of smokers has been In the past 10 years from 37.5% to 25%. Allowing to use e-cigarettes is the next tool to reduce smoking rates, and it will play a more important role in reducing the prevalence of smoking.