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Pocketshisha brand

About us :

Our sales office  bulding appearance:

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Part of Our sales office  bulding appearance:


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Company front desk:

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Team activities from Cong Hua villa Guangzhou ,2017-7-22th~23th :

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Team activity from Fenghuang Gucheng ,HuNan Province, 2017-08-07th~10th:

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Team Mid-Autumn festival , Moon cake DIY , Date by 2017-09-27th:

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Mid-Autumn festival customer gifts activities , Date 2017-09-29th~30th:

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Christmas photo by date: 2017-12-25th 

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The New Year starts with Lucky money , chinese we call "HongBao":

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The New Year starts:

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The New Year's tea party:

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New Year team dinner:

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Receive customer order and get lucky draw activities :

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The monthly meeting :

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2016 Our employee birthday party:

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Weekend Company activities:

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Our Team Logo:

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About our Clients :

Our customer 10years supporting 


Customer from USA Market:


Our golden customer from Brazil Market:

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Our golden customer from Turkey Market:

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The great salesmen always work harder and be more perseverant than others. The harder you work, the luckier you will be. epipebest vaporDate by 2017-9-10th

The customer from USA:

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Customer from Saudi Arabia Market:

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Customer from Pakistan Market:

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Customer from Pakistan Market:

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Customer from Kuwait Market:

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Customer from Syria Market:

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