Pocketshisha & Topmedi  Annual Meeting 2018!


Pocketshisha: For electronics cigarette , vape , vapor, E-shisha

Topmedi: For Medical products ( Wheelchair, Hospital bed, Elderly rehabilitation supplies)

This  year's Our Company with Topmedi is having an Annual meeting evening party in this Beautiful music dining bar :


Annual Meeting 2018

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With our beautiful and handsome hosts leading the way , We have a happy Annual meeting tonight:

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This year's Pocketshisha & Topmedi (Fenghua United) Annual meeting Evening party was successfully held in this beautiful and beautiful music restaurant. We thank our colleagues for choosing a good day for today. We are also grateful to Tian Gong for being a beauty and giving a sunny day for our successful annual meeting. Thanks for the active participation of all my colleagues. I am also grateful to all my colleagues for their contributions. I also thank my family and friends for their support. I thank the restaurant owner for their support for our annual meeting. The dishes are also very good. Lively laughter.

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The annual delegate 2017 has drawn a sentence, bringing a new look and hope in 2018, wish Pocketshisha & Topmedi 2018 orders billow, all wishes come true, all the best!

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