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FAQ about Vape vapor ecigs electronics cigarette

1. can your products give up smoking, how long can you quit smoking?

Hello, Pocketshisha electronic cigarette is a good substitute for tobacco and can assist in smoking cessation. The principle of product use is an internationally recognized nicotine replacement therapy. To quit smoking, it is necessary to replace the smoke with the will of the individual to achieve the purpose of the success of smoking cessation.

2. how does this electronic smoke use?

Hello, the electronic cigarette smoke and divided into rod atomizer, like pen and ink, repeated add liquid smoke, the smoke liquid atomized into high temperature smoke, and smoke really reached the effect of smoke simulation.

3. how long is your electronic cigarette life?

Electronic cigarette smoke and divided into rod atomizer, cigarette rod can be used repeatedly for a long time, but each part of life is not the same, the atomization core is generally replaced once a month, has a very large relationship is the specific time and usage and maintenance of smoking

4. is this product harmful to the body?

Pocketshisha electronic smoke is harmless to the body. All products are passed through the FDA food and drug administration, the European Union CE safety certification, the ROHS and other testing agencies to detect the health and harmless products.

5. smoke can smoke?

If the frequency of a normal smoking 15 mouth is calculated by normal people, 1 bottles of 10ml are equivalent to the amount of smoke of 10 packs of ordinary true cigarettes. If 1 packages of cigarettes a day, 1 bottles of liquid can be used for about 10 days.

6. what is the composition of the liquid?

The main ingredients of liquid smoke is plant extract, propylene glycol, glycerin, edible flavor, nicotine and other ingredients, winter fireworks smoke FDA certified is edible material production. It contains nicotine substitutes, but it does not contain toxic substances such as carbon monoxide, 2 nitrogen oxide, arsenic, lead and mercury, which are toxic to the body.

7. How long is the shelf life of the liquid?

The shelf life of the liquid is 12 months. It is stored in the shade. If it is already opened, it is better to use it in 30 days so as not to affect the taste.

8. how long does the atomizing core and cigarette nozzle change once?

The normal replacement time of a spray core is about 30 days, and the cigarette holder usually does not need to be replaced. When it finds that the frequency of use is more and the wear of the cigarette holder is severe, it is possible to consider a new one.

9. does the taste of electronic smoke are the same as that of real cigarettes? How big is the difference?

Electronic cigarette smoke taste simulation is really smoke taste, so there are some differences in taste and really smoke. In general, the first use of the customer can be used after a period of time.

10. Why does the liquid smoke into the mouth?

In the use of electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarette battery need the down, not really like that up in smoke suction; suction when the attention light absorption slow absorption, because when the liquid smoke cigarette holder in less time, smoke too much too fast, the small amount of liquid smoke cigarette holder with gas flow into the mouth; in one must pay attention to is the gas hole don’t need to add the atomizer, the atomizer to refuel along the side wall, not more than 1/2 of the oil atomizer.

11 explanation and explanation of the phenomenon of oil leaking (oil leakage)

  1. The inadequately atomization of atomization core leads to the outflow of residual smoke from the inlet

  2. the improper operation of the customers leads to the inability of the atomization core to work normally, the irregular method of adding liquid and so on.

  3. There is a gap between the nebulization core and the junction of the cigarette nozzle, which can not be sealed. Therefore, there will be a certain degree of seepage, but it will not affect the use of the product.